Rain Barrel Installation

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LINKS: http://larainwaterharvesting.org/ Friday: November 25 This Thanksgiving I’ve decided to add another project of installing a rain barrel to my slew of unfinished projects around the house. I purchased two 55 gallon food-grade barrels at a hydroponics store in Downey on Firestone Blvd off Bellflower. They were advertised on Craigslist for $25 a piece. They […]

What YOU can do to control cell phone spam

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“I get lots of messages and have no idea who they’re from – is that what spam is?” Spam is simply unsolicited SMS or MMS messaging sent indiscriminately to your cell phone–often for commercial purposes. Spam comes from many sources–email, short codes and other wireless numbers. Since SMS email is an extension of how the […]


Coffee Bean Drink Menu signs

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Ever wonder what marker they used to created those drink menus in that bright florescent colors in your local Coffee Bean or Starbucks.. It’s a marker that looks like chalk but also looks permanent.. They actually use a marker called wet erase.. One particular brand Coffee Bean uses is EXPO® Bright Sticks™ Wet Erase Fluorescent […]