Maya Texturing:2.2 Working with Ramp Textures

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Using a Ramp Texture

  1. Create a NURBs plane.
  2. Apply a lambert shader to the plane.
  3. Apply a Ramp texture on the color attribute for the lambertshader you applied on the plane.
  4. Look over the type of Ramps.
    • V Ramp,U Ramp, Diagonal Ramp, etc: (ex. a Circular Ramp might be used for a bump on the skin, for the raised skin’s surface.)
  5. Modifying the Attributes for the ramp texture.
    • – Adjust the colors from the color diagram in the Attribute Editor.
    • – CLICK inside to add a color or drag the dots on the left to adjust the gradient. CLICK on the [x] to the right of the color to delete it.
    • – You can modify additional attibutes.
      • Selected Position;
      • U Wave;
      • V Wave;
      • Noise;
      • Noise Frequency;
  6. Create an Eye Ramp Shader;
    • Apply several colors in the ramp color.